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Washington Quarter Resource!

This goal for this website is to be a key central place devoted to the numismatic and historical study of the Silver Washington quarter.

The Washington quarter has not really been a spotlight coin in numismatics. The series has not had a huge following, e.g. the Morgan silver dollar, and there are only a few key issues to the series. With only minor tuning changes to the obverse design, which, for the most part, go unnoticed, it's the reverse design varieties which have garnered most of the energy around varieties for this series.

The books which are available are, indeed, useful at giving the majority of information needed to collect this series, but they lack in, what I call, the "nooks and crannies" knowledge.

As I study the series, participate in coin forums, read books, and go to coin shows, I collect this "nooks and crannies" knowledge, and I try to and make all of this information available in one single place. Some of the information here will simply be regurgitated information, some will be direct links to other websites and lastly I hope to present newly organized information, both numismatic and historical, in a way that will be both entertaining and easy to use and learn from.

For the new collector, I want this site to be the premier resource for all the information they will need to get started with their Washington quarter collection.

For the established collector, I want this to be a place of reference for those bits of information which can be forgotten or need verified from time to time before acting on a collection change or addition.

For the experts out there, my hope is to invite them here to be information contributors; those who can help grow this site with knowledge for the first two type of collectors.

I hope you enjoy the site, come back often to see what else has been added.