What was in your pocket?

An image of pocket change coins from 1955


Mintage Numbers

  • 1955 - 18,180,181
  • 1955-D - 3,182,400
  • 1955-S - NONE
  • 1955 Proof - 378,200


Washington Quarter Related Information

  • The Washington quarter was not minted in San Francisco in 1955.
  • The total mintage of Washington quarters (all mints all strike types) is right in the middle of the scale
  • Many 1955 GEM BU coins were saved in rolls. This accounts for a fairly easy year to add to your collection in higher grades.
  • Most of the coins that are BLAST white come from original BU rolls, while the toners are typically from the famous U.S. Double Mint Sets. These double mint sets are infamous for some of the most wildly toned coins form the 40s and 50s.
  • With the second lowest mintage of the Denver Washington Quarters, at 3.1 million coins minted, the 1955-D made a big buzz in the coin world. Even today when looking at mintage numbers alone, one would expect to pay a price similar to the 1934-D (3,527,200 minted) or even a 1940-D (2,797,600 minted) for a BU Example of a 1955-D. But, when you compare the price of a 1934-D Washington quarter in mint state 65 to a 1955-D in mint state 65 an entirely different story is told with regard to the 55 D’s value. The reason for this is that many coin collectors speculated that the 1955-D would be as rare as the 34 D or even the 32 D, which caused hoarding of 1955-D BU coins and rolls. Fast forward to today’s market, GEM 65 raw and graded examples are so available that one can be had for a much lower price than other low mintage Denver issues. Only when you get into superb GEM quality pieces, does the 1955-D performance really excels as a numismatic rarity. PCGS Coin Facts on the 1955-D Washington Quarter


U.S. Events

  • Ford Motor Company rolls out Three new models this year; The Crown Victoria, the Fairlane and the Thunderbird. Chrysler introduces the 200 "Letter series" and a concept car, The Lincoln Futura, is selected to play the Bat Mobile!
  • On April 18th, Albert Einstein dies
  • In May, Fidel Castro is released from prison. In July of this same year he reunites with other Cuban exiles and starts the 26th of July Movement.
  • On Oct 5, The Diary of Anne Frank, a Play Based on the Book, Debuts in New York
  • On Oct 28 Bill Gates is born
  • On Dec 1, Rosa Parks Refuses to Give Up Seat on Bus


U.S. Sports

  • The Detroit Red Wings win the Stanley Cup
  • Brooklyn Dodgers defeat New York Yankees in the 1955 World Series
  • Howard Cassidy Wins Heisman Trophy


U.S. Entertainment

  • On June 3rd the movie, "Seven Year Itch", staring Marilyn Monroe is released
  • On August 15, Elvis Presley signs management deal with "Colonel" Tom Parker
  • Sep 30, Actor James Dean Dies in Car Accident
  • On Oct 31, Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio Get Divorced


World Events

  • The Warsaw pact, a mutual defense treaty, is signed by the Soviet Union and seven East European countries on May 14th
  • The US, UK, USSR, and France meet at a summit in Geneva
  • US begins sending $216 million in aid to Vietnam

Washington Quarter Date Guide 1932-1964

Did You Know?

1957TypeBGenerally credited to a cost cutting measure at the U.S. Mint, from 1956-1964 there were Washington quarters struck with retired proof dies, thus creating a 9 coin run of proof reverse design business strike Washington quarters.

These coins are highly collectible and are a growing favorite among serious Washington quarter collectors.

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