The goal for this section is to list in one place, in such a way that it's easy to get to and easy to understand, the most common and well known varieties and types that exist within the Washington quarter series, in a format that matches design of this website. It is expressly not my desire nor intent to take any credit for any of this original information. I'm just sharing out what I have found, and in some cases re-writing it in a way that makes a complicated subject easier to understand. That being the case, you will find that most of the content under thses menus is actually pointing you to other sites who have already done the work of identifying these varieties and displaying them, or in some cases closely resembles the information from other numismatic information websites.

Until I discover a new variety of Washington Quarter, 100% of this information is not owned by me nor is it a result of my work. I want to make sure that before you use any of the following information that I have made it painfully clear that the information I have included here is only available because of the hard work and dedication of other numismatists.

I have obtained permission from various websites, which I use here, and have put together a Credits section where you can see the permission granted to me.

As of July, 2016 this section is still undergoing development and changes in order to organize the information in the most useful and easy to get to ways. If you have a suggestion please contact me to let me know.

My Approach to which varieties I will be listing and why that obscure DDO is not listed here.


Did You Know?

1930 Standing Liberty Quarter

Due to a lack of demand in commerce for quarter dollars, the last quarter produced before the 1932 Washington quarter was the 1930 Standing Liberty Quarter