1932: No Obverse Design Varieties

1934 & 1934 D: Light, Medium & Heavy Motto Varieties

in 1934, two distinct obverse hub changes were made to strengthen the the motto IN GOD WE TRUST. The new designs are simply named "Medium Motto" and "Heavy Motto." This created a total of three different design varieties for the 1934 P; The light motto (the original design used on the 1932 issues), medium motto and heavy motto. For the 1934 D issues only the medium and heavy motto designs were used, creating only two possible varieties for the 1934 D.

1935 - 1964: No Other Obverse Designs Reported for The Washington Quarter

Did You Know?

1930 Standing Liberty Quarter

Due to a lack of demand in commerce for quarter dollars, the last quarter produced before the 1932 Washington quarter was the 1930 Standing Liberty Quarter