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Mintage Graphs 1932 - 1964



Somtimes it helps to "see" what makes a ceratin Washington Quarter a key coin to the series. Below are a few graphs that visually demostrate what makes the keys and semi key coins of the series.

The graph below is a graph of all business strike Washington quarters from 1932 to 1963. Arranged in accending order by Year, then by mint location in order of P, D, S. This chart ends in 1963 because 1964's combined mintange is 6 times higher than 1963's. This distorts the scale of the chart so much that the chart scale become to distorted and the lower D and S mintages for the earlier issues become too small to see on the scale.


Business strikes from 1932 - 1963, Ordered by Mintage, Lowest to Highest

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Did You Know?

198225c MergedEven though the 1982 & 1983 P&D Washington quartrrs were minted in the hundreds of millions, finding a gem, mint state issue of each of these four coins will prove to be a tough task. This is because the US Mint did not produce mint uncirculated coin set for these years. Instead, the mint sold mint souvenir sets which were only available on location in the mint gift shops. This has lead to significantly fewer uncirculated examples available for all four business strikes from these years.