Key Date Coins to the Silver Washington Series

1932 D

Mintage: 436,800
1932 D Washington Quarter PCGS MS668

The 1932 D is considered the number one key coin to the silver Washington Quarter series. Although there were slightly more Denver coins produced than San Francisco, less of the Denver coins survived in high grades making the 32 D highly sought after. Even in lower more heavily circulated grades this coin has a value of over $60


1932 S

Mintage: 408,00

1932 S Washington Quarter PCGS MS67

 Even in the lower, heavily circulated grades these coins are still worth around $50


Semi Key Dates

Unlike a lot of the other coin series from this era and earlier, it's not really as much the mintage numbers that drive certain coins to being considered semi key dates, but their survival in the higher grades. What is similar, hoever, is that they are all either Denver or San Francisco coins. Just like the Lincoln Cent, not many were minted, and these early coins were used heavily, especially during the depression era in an area of the country that was farther away and didn't see as much coinage from the eastern part of the US which would have brought the Philadelphia issues in to mix with the Denver and San Francisco coins.


Mintage: 3,527,200

1934 D Washington Quarter PCGS MS67


Mintage: 5,780,000

1935 D Washington Quarter PCGS MS67 Plus



Mintage: 5,374,000

1936 D Washington Quarter PCGS MS67


To a lesser extent these coins, too are semi key dates


Mintage: 1,652,000

1937 S Washington Quarter PCGS MS67+ CAC


Mintage: 2,832,000

1938 S Washington Quarter PCGS MS67 Plus CAC


 Mintage: 2,628,000

 1939 S Washington Quarter PCGS MS67



Top 10 Lowest Mintages

Issue Total
1932 S 408,000
1932 D 436,800
1937 S 1,652,000
1939 S 2,628,000
1940 D 2,797,600
1938 S 2,832,000
1955 D 3,182,400
1934 D 3,527,200
1936 S 3,828,000
1946 S 4,204,000

Did You Know?

no1933quarterThere were no Washington Quarters minted in 1933