Varieity Listings Progress

This area is a work in progress. It takes time to research each type of variety for each year and then determine how to best display the data in a way thats easy to digest. As I do this research, I'm trying to make the information available as I go. This means the data is not all here yet. In order for site visitors to know whether or not the data listed for a certain variety or year is complete, or if I've even begun on what they're looking for, I'll be updating the below progress section to help answer those questions.

Obverse Design Varieties: 100% Complete thorugh 1964

Reverse Design Varieties: 100% Complete through 1964

Mint Mark Style Varieties: Complete through 1934

Re-Punched Mint Mark Varieties: Complete through 1934

Over Mint Mark Varieties: Complete through 1934

Re-engraved Die Varieties: No Listings Yet

Inverted Mint Mark Varieties: No Listings Yet

Doubled Die Obverse Varieties: Complete through 1934

Doubled Die Reverse Varieties: Complete through 1934


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Did You Know?

1930 Standing Liberty Quarter

Due to a lack of demand in commerce for quarter dollars, the last quarter produced before the 1932 Washington quarter was the 1930 Standing Liberty Quarter