Andrew Mellon: A Case of Mistaken Misogyny?

Laura Gardin Fraer's Model #56

Thomas Bush from Thomas Bush Numistmatics ( discusses his view on the assersion by Walter Breen, that Andrew Mellon was a mysoginist and by that nature wholey discredited Laura Gardin Frasier's model #56 as his choice for the Washington quarter.

Click here to read his perspective, "Mistaken Misogyny? Andrew Mellon, Laura Fraser & George Washington Portraiture"

The Mighty, Toned Washington Quarter

A Beautiful 1947 D Purple Tone Washington Quarter

Thomas Bush from Thomas Bush Numistmatics ( writes about some truely colorful Washington Quarters.

Click here to read his perspective on collecting high garde, toned Washington Quarters, and to see some AWESOME toned Washington Quarters.

Did You Know?

1932 DDO FS 101 01There is one major Doubled Die Obverse variety for the 1932 Philadelphia issue.