NGC - Washington Quarters (1932-1998)


A short write-up on the Washington quarter from the NGC website. Click here to read the article in a new window\tab.

Motto Varies in Strength on 1934 Quarters


Written by Tom LaMarre at Coin Magazine, this article also talks about the motto varieites of 1934. Click here to read the article in a new tab\window.

The Washington Quarters of 1934 by David Lange

Another short article by David Lange regarding the quarters of 1934 and the motto changes which occured during that year. Covered in the Washington Quarter Varieties secoin of this site, the motto was changed in 1934 twice which resulted in 3 different varieites for the 1934 P. Published on the NGC website, this article by David Lange talks about these quarters. Click here to read the article in a new tab\window.

How doubled dies happen

Writen by John Wexler, who operates the Wexler's Die Varieites website, a.k.a., and has graciously given me permission to link to his website. This is probably one of the best articles I've read regarding how a doubled die actually happes. I'll say this over an over on this site, I am a visual learner, so the more pictures the better, and this article has some great pics to demonstrate some of the things he talks about. Click here to read the article in a new tab\window.

USA Coin Album: A Look Back at Washington Quarters

A great 4 part series of short articles written by David Lange, NGC Research Director from Feb. 2012 to May 2012. Published on the NGC Website, below are links to each article. These articles also were printed in the corresponding monthly issues of the Numismatist.
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

Did You Know?

Washington Quarter Mint MarkThe first year that a mint mark was placed on the front of the Washington quarter was in 1968