1932- 1955: No Reverse Design Varieties Listed

1956 - 1964: FS-25-19XX-901 (A.K.A. FS-901) Type B Reverse Design

1957 Type B Reverse Washington Quarter

In preparation for minting the first Washington quarter proofs, the original reverse design was reworked to strengthen certain aspects of the reverse design. This was the first ever design change for the reverse of the Washington quarter and it created what we call the B reverse type or variety.

1964 D: FS-25-1964D-901 (A.K.A Type C Reverse Design)

An image of a 1965 Washington Quarter showing the reverse C design of 1965

In preaparation for the switch to cupro-nickel clad coinage, the U.S. Mint changed the reverse design for the Washington Quarter. This design is found on most 1965 washignton quarters. AKA the Type C reverse design, and simmilar to the Type B reverse, the arrowheads and leaves directly to the left of the arrowheads on the reverse were given a higher relief and much sharper detail.

Did You Know?

1932 DDO FS 101 01There is one major Doubled Die Obverse variety for the 1932 Philadelphia issue.